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Princess Cut Diamonds

Unlike the round, the cut of this shape isn't standardized, letting you choose the qualities that give you the look you'll love. Whether it's cut for bold flashes of light or smoldering scintillation, or with a square or rectangular profile, the princess cut is the ultimate in variation.
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Princess Cut Diamonds

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FAQs about Princess Cut Diamonds

Are princess cut diamonds a good value?

The princess was specifically designed to optimize the sparkle of a raw diamond that lacks the depth for cuts like round and cushion. They're also an amazing value because of the economy of the cut. They lose much less raw material than rounds when they are cut from a rough stone. Learn more in our guide to diamond shape.

What do I need to be careful of when selecting princess cut diamonds?

Splurge on color grade because color can show in this shape's dramatic corners. Learn more about how shape impacts color.

When was the princess cut diamond created?

It's the baby of fancy shapes—first created in the 1960s.

How popular are princess cut diamonds?

Princess is our most popular fancy shape.

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