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Women's Platinum Wedding Rings

Durable and dynamic, women's platinum wedding rings are as polished as they are pretty. Often embellished with French pavé, these sweet bands represent an untouchable love. For a dash of color, select a diamond and sapphire platinum wedding band that pairs a deep sea hue with ethereal diamonds.
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Women's Platinum Wedding Rings

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FAQs about Women's Platinum Wedding Rings

Is platinum better than gold for a wedding ring?

Platinum and gold are both excellent choices for a wedding ring. While they are both very durable, platinum is unique in that when the metal is damaged, the metal only moves instead of being removed. When a white, yellow or rose gold wedding ring is scratched, the indented area loses its gold content, but when a platinum ring is scratched, the metal relocates to a different area of the ring. This means that a platinum ring can be polished back to its near-original condition, making it an excellent choice for active individuals or those who work with their hands.

What is the average price of a platinum wedding ring?

The average price of a platinum wedding ring hovers around a few thousand dollars. However, gorgeous platinum wedding rings can be found at a variety of price points. Understated rings can be a few hundred dollars, while extravagant diamond-studded pieces can be tens of thousands of dollars. What you spend depends on your budget and personal preferences.
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