Photo of jewelry displayed on a dark table, including a multi-gemstone bracelet.
Fashion & Style

Gemstone Jewelry Trends

From Ancient Egypt to modern day royalty, gemstone jewelry has always been fashionable. Learn more about how to wear the gemstone jewelry trend.

Photo of a woman's hand, showcasing her engagement ring.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

The History of Engagement Rings

Learn more about the rich history of symbolic, shining and meaningful engagement rings.

Photo of woman’s hands, she is wearing a warm diamond engagement ring. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

The Benefits of Warm Diamonds

Romantic warm diamonds bring unique beauty to all jewelry styles. Learn more about what makes warm diamonds a great choice, along with tips for helping these diamonds look their best.

Smiling woman wearing mixed metal Blue Nile jewelry. 
Fashion & Style

The Guide to Wearing Mixed Metal Jewelry

Mixed metal jewelry brings trendy and unique looks to any outfit. Get tips, tricks and advice for putting together the perfect mixed metal look.