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Made for Your Moment

Every occasion deserves its tribute. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory, or a showstopping center stone, our lab grown diamonds are a high-quality, affordable alternative.

Sparkle, Down to a Science

Our lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to our natural offerings, just produced differently.
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Created for Love

A lab grown diamond is a brilliant addition to your custom engagement ring. Choose from a variety of shapes that are made for your love.

There’s more shapes and sizes to choose from.

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Independently Graded

We proudly have all of your lab grown diamonds graded by the independent experts at GIA. Each one comes with its own grading sheet for your reference.

Quality Comes First

Our lab grown diamonds are backed by the same standards, expertise and legendary customer service that you’ve come to expect from all Blue Nile jewelry. Your moment matters to us.

Top Questions and Answers About Lab Grown Diamonds

There's a lot of information out there about lab grown diamonds and jewelry featuring these gemstones. Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive.

Are lab grown diamonds graded and certified like natural ones?

Diamonds, whether natural or lab created, are not certified by default. There are options for grading and assessing lab diamonds to quantify their features for easier shopping. We offer GIA grading reports, often referred to as diamond certification, for many of our center settings and loose lab grown diamonds. These certified lab diamonds will come with reporting of their optical qualities and any additional features of note.

Are lab created diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. The biggest difference between lab grown diamonds and natural, earth made diamonds is their formation process. While natural diamonds are created deep in the earth, lab made diamonds are “grown” in a controlled laboratory setting. These lab diamonds have the same visual and chemical components, making them identical to natural diamonds.

How long do these diamonds last?

Because lab created diamonds are chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds, they will bring the same longevity and durability. Lab grown diamonds provide lifetimes of brilliance.

Are lab grown diamonds flawless?

Just as with natural diamonds, there are variations in gemstone quality among lab grown diamonds for sale. Though lab diamonds are made in controlled settings, each gemstone will have its own features in terms of quality. Our lab created diamonds receive GIA gradings to show their unique features.

Will diamonds made in a laboratory get cloudy?

Unlike diamond simulants, lab diamonds will not get cloudy as time goes on. Manufactured diamonds will not get cloudy, they will not turn yellow and they will not change color over time. That is because lab created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical composition and optical properties.

Is there a difference between lab and synthetic diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are simulants with different chemical compositions, such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. These materials have a different chemical structure compared to diamonds, making them behave differently when it comes to durability and appearance. Lab diamonds, on the other hand, are not synthetic diamonds. They are created in a laboratory setting and they have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, making them equally brilliant and sturdy.

Do these gems have value?

Natural diamonds carry value due to their rarity. But lab grown diamonds also have value in terms of their beauty and durability. Lab diamonds bring long-lasting brilliance to all types of jewelry. Because lab diamonds have no intrinsic rarity, they are priced lower than natural diamonds.

What kind of jewelry fits manufactured diamonds?

Lab grown, manufactured diamonds are perfect for many types of jewelry. As today’s manufacturing processes have evolved, larger and larger lab diamonds are available. Whether you’re searching for a 2 carat lab grown diamond engagement ring or matching half carat lab diamonds for a pair of earrings, there are many stones available. You can find the perfect lab diamond for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more among our large selection.

Why choose lab grown diamonds?

As with any jewelry purchase, the choice to buy lab grown diamonds is a personal one. Lab diamonds offer affordability for many styles. Though all our diamonds at Blue Nile are ethically sourced, many people who prefer non-mined diamonds opt for lab grown diamonds.

How are manufactured diamonds made?

Lab diamonds are most commonly made through one of two processes. They are either made through Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) methods. These methods both produce stunning diamonds of many shapes and sizes.

Are lab grown diamonds a good investment?

Depending on your jewelry priorities, lab grown diamonds can be a great choice. They offer the same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, but for a lower price point.

Are lab created diamonds flawless?

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, keep in mind that the shape and cut of a gemstone are more important than its size. Even more important is your personal style and your lifestyle. Choose a diamond ring that fits your personality, whether that's a pink cushion diamond in a vintage gold setting or a classic round diamond in a sleek and modern platinum setting. And if you're very active, choose a durable ring with a low profile.

Can you tell the difference between natural and lab made diamonds?

Natural and lab manufactured diamonds are virtually indistinguishable, especially to the untrained and unaided eye. An expert jeweler may be able to tell the difference by looking at the gem’s inclusions and any special markings. But both natural and lab diamonds offer everlasting brilliance.

Do lab grown diamonds sparkle the same?

Yes, lab diamonds sparkle just like natural diamonds. This is because lab diamonds have the same optical and chemical qualities as natural diamonds.

What are the benefits of lab grown diamonds?

Because diamonds made in laboratory settings can be produced at scale, they do not carry the same rarity as natural gems. This makes the price of lab diamonds much lower than natural ones. Lab created diamonds also offer additional benefits including ethical and environmental considerations.

Can lab diamonds be insured?

Yes, jewelry insurance is available for lab diamonds and jewelry featuring these gems.

What is the best way to clean lab diamonds?

Lab created diamonds can be cleaned just as you’d clean natural diamonds. They are sturdy enough for ultrasonic cleaners and can also be cleaned with a gentler jewelry cleaning solution.

Are diamonds made in laboratories safe to wear?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are just as durable as natural ones. They are a 10 on the Mohs scale, making them perfect for daily wear.