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Opal Jewelry

Some of the most popular opal jewelry designs include timeless stud earrings, 
opal and diamond pendants and diamond halo engagement rings.
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Opal Jewelry

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FAQs about Opal Jewelry

Is opal expensive?

Opal jewelry is available in a range of price points for any budget. Studs, pendants and rings all start at a couple of hundred dollars. Opal earrings and opal necklaces can go up to over one thousand dollars, while opal engagement rings go up to just under two thousand dollars. No matter your budget, you can treat yourself, or someone special, with opal jewelry at a fantastic price.

What do opals symbolize?

The opal has long been a symbol of love and passion. Opal jewelry is also believed to enhance beauty and release the wearer's emotions and inhibitions. Its rich and romantic gemstone meaning makes opal a wonderful choice for an engagement ring. Opal engagement rings are beloved by artistic and bohemian brides for their unique charm and magical play of color.

What do I need to know about opal jewelry?

Gemstone color is one of the most important value factors of an opal. Opals display an astounding array of colors, from one or two main hues to a kaleidoscope of shimmering shades. No two opals are exactly alike, which means you should look for the one that stands out and captures your attention.

Can I wash my hands with an opal ring on?

Opal is a relatively delicate gem, with a Mohs hardness rating of 5 to 6.5. This means that opal jewelry requires some special care, like removing it before washing your hands and storing it in a felt-lined jewelry box when you are finished wearing it. Thoughtful wear will ensure that your opal jewelry set keeps its gorgeous sparkle for years to come.
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