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Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Celebrate amore in unique style with a heart-shaped engagement ring. The most endearing of the fancy-cut diamonds, the heart cut is a variation of the brilliant cut. A multitude of facets reflect light with spectacular, sparkling beauty. Shop the selection of heart-cut engagement rings at Blue Nile, and start customizing a ring that will represent your union for a lifetime.
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FAQs about Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

What are heart-shaped diamond engagement rings?

These engagement rings showcase a center diamond in a brilliant-cut pattern that forms the shape of a heart.

Are there any tips for choosing heart-shaped engagement rings?

The point (or “wing”) of this elongated brilliant-cut pattern reveals the color of a stone more than some other cuts, making it important to prioritize both clarity grade and cut grade as you select the center diamond.

Are round diamonds or heart-shaped diamonds more expensive?

When you're looking to maximize your budget, the fancy-cut diamonds will always offer better value than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight and overall quality. In fact, fancy-cut diamonds, such as heart-shaped diamonds, can be up to 25% less expensive than a round-cut diamond.

What setting styles are best for heart engagement rings?

Keep the look classic and simple by selecting a solitaire heart-cut diamond engagement ring, or look for something with a bit more sparkle, such as an eternity engagement ring or pavé engagement ring.
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