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Marquise Cut Diamonds

The length of Marquise cut diamonds makes fingers appear long and slender. And, unlike round, it has non-standardized proportions so you can choose the look you like and what flatters you most.
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Marquise Cut Diamonds

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FAQs about Marquise Cut Diamonds

Do marquise cut diamonds look bigger?

Though it's one of the rarest fancy cuts, the shape maximizes carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond for your dollar. The ability of Marquise-shaped diamonds to look large for their carat weight makes them popular for anyone on a strict budget.

What is bow tie effect in a marquise cut diamond?

Another aspect that affects the price is the "bow-tie effect", a darkened area across its middle. The amount of darkness, however, varies so look for a diamond with a minimal bow tie to maximize light performance and your investment.

How important is clarity in marquise cut diamonds?

Marquise hides inclusions well. Save on a lower clarity grade and you'll get an eye-clean diamond for less.

What is the history of marquis cut diamonds?

The shape was created in the 1700s when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweler to design a cut in the shape of his mistress's lips.

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