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Oval Cut Diamonds

Many People love how the length of oval cut diamonds flatters their fingers. Unlike round, length-to-width proportions aren't standardized so you can pick the look you like best. Oval cut diamonds look great with diamond pavé-set bands. Their timeless shape also lends itself well to vintage styles.
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Oval Cut Diamonds

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FAQs about Oval Cut Diamonds

What is bow tie effect in oval cut diamonds?

Another aspect that affects the price of oval cut diamonds is the "bow-tie effect", a darkened area across its middle. The amount of darkness, however, varies so look for a oval cut diamond with a minimal bow tie to maximize light performance and your investment.

Are oval diamonds more expensive?

Thanks to the same 57 facets, the oval shape has a bright-white brilliance similar to the round cut—but for around 20% less.

Which of the 4cs is most important for oval cut diamonds?

Prioritize a high-quality cut with excellent symmetry (a rating of the precision and alignment of a diamond's facets) to maximize an oval's sparkle.

Are oval diamonds becoming more popular?

Thanks to a swell of celebrity engagements, the timeless oval is one of the hottest fancy shapes right now.

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