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Stack of four bangle bracelets in yellow gold and white gold.


Find a new conversation piece with our statement-making collection of 
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or a dainty woven chain bracelet, we have a style to complement any look. 
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ideal addition to your jewelry box. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond eternity bracelets are most commonly known as tennis bracelets, bringing shining diamond after diamond set along gold or platinum. Fall in love with a classic diamond tennis bracelet featuring brilliant-cut diamonds, a captivating S-link tennis bracelet or a multi-row tennis bracelet with double or triple the sparkle.
Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets

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Top Questions and Answers About Bracelets

How do I wear bracelets?

How you wear a bracelet is dependent on your personal style. To choose the best bracelet for you, consider your wrist size. Choose a bracelet style that is proportional to your wrist. If your goal is to make your wrists look smaller or larger, choose a bracelet size that's the opposite of your wrist size.

When choosing your bracelet, consider your outfit. A black-tie gown may call for a diamond tennis bracelet, while a sundress might look best with a plain metal bangle.

How do I wear bracelets with a watch?

Try stacking one or two thin bracelets, or one thicker bracelet with your watch on the same wrist. The bracelets should sit below your watch, closer to your hand. Choose matching metals for a coordinated look.

How do I clean bracelets?

How you clean your bracelet depends on the type of metal it's made of and if the bracelet includes diamonds or gemstones.

To clean your sterling silver bracelet, use a soft cloth with a polish formulated specifically to remove tarnish. For gold, you will want use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft-bristled brush. Then, polish it with a specialized cloth or cleaning solution.

We offer multiple cleaning solutions including a gentle jewelry cleanser, gem and jewelry cleaning set and polishing cloths.

What metals do bracelets come in?

We offer bracelets in a wide variety of metals to meet every style. Whether you’re shopping for plain metal bracelets or ornate gemstone bracelets, we offer the perfect metals for your look. Choose from silver, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum metal bracelets in men’s and women’s styles.

Can this jewelry be symbolic?

Yes, a bracelet can be a very symbolic piece within your jewelry collection. Infinity bracelets can symbolize everlasting connection, gemstone bracelets with birthstones can symbolize children’s birthdays and simple metal bracelets can symbolize a milestone in someone’s life. This highly-personal jewelry can symbolize anything that’s special to the wearer.

When should I take my bracelets off?

Some bracelets, such as bangles, are often worn for long periods of time. Many bracelets can be worn day in and day out, such as durable metal designs. A bracelet with softer gemstones, such as a pearl bracelet, should be treated with extra care. As a good rule of thumb, you should remove your bracelets when sleeping, showering or swimming. Hands-on activities like gardening may put your bracelets at risk as well.

Are bracelets in fashion?

Bracelets have been a trendy jewelry choice for centuries. Fashion bracelets include styles with plain metal and adornments such as charms or station-set focal pieces. They come in precious metals including silver, gold and platinum.

What clasp types are available?

Bracelets typically include clasps that help close the chain of the jewelry. Bracelet clasp types include safety, bolo, hook, box, lobster claw, hidden and spring ring clasps. Bracelets with multiple gemstones or higher price tags often include a unique box catch with hidden safety clasp. Cuff bracelets, on the other hand, are often worn open and do not have a clasp. Bangles typically do not have a clasp at all, though some may be hinged with a clasp opening depending on the style.

What arm should I wear my bracelet on?

To avoid knocking the jewelry around, most people choose to wear their bracelets on the arm of their non-dominant hand. So, if you’re right-handed, you’d wear your bracelets on your left arm. If you’re left-handed, you’d wear your bracelets on your right wrist. Of course, whichever wrist you choose to wear your bracelets on will depend on your own style and preference as there is no exact rule on this.

Does this jewelry make a good gift?

Whether you’re purchasing men’s bracelets as a birthday gift or women’s bracelets for celebrating an anniversary, this jewelry makes the perfect present for any occasion. Silver bracelets are wonderful for marking milestones while gold bracelets are a wonderful gift to celebrate a loved one. Whether you’re buying a bracelet for someone else or as a gift to yourself, they’re a standout choice for gift giving.

Are custom options available?

Many bracelets for women and men can be customized. Choose a custom metal type or add engraving to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Can you wear multiple bracelets at once?

Yes, men’s and women’s bracelets can be layered for a maximalist look that’s sure to stand out! To layer multiple bracelets at once, choose different thicknesses and styles. For example, combining several bracelets for women may involve wearing a plain metal bangle, a diamond tennis bracelet and a simple chain bracelet simultaneously for a multifaceted look. Men's bracelets also lend well to layering and stacking. You can layer several bracelets on one wrist or on both of your arms.