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Asscher Cut Diamonds

The alluring Asscher cut is the "step-cut" cousin of the emerald cut. Like the emerald cut, it's only these rectangular-cut facets that define the cut so you can choose the individual look you love.
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FAQs about Asscher Cut Diamonds

Are Asscher cut diamonds more expensive?

Like the emerald shaped diamond, the "step-cut" Asscher can save you considerably over a round. However, the compact square shape of the Asscher intensifies the inherent sparkle over emerald cut diamonds.

Is clarity more important for Asscher cut diamonds?

When it comes to Asschers we recommend that you splurge on a higher clarity grade. The Asscher doesn't hide inclusions well—especially for diamonds 1.5 ct. or larger. Learn more about diamond clarity.

Are Asscher cut diamonds popular?

The Asscher's popularity has soared in the past decade thanks to recent celebrity engagements.

Why is called an Asscher cut diamond?

The cut was invented by Dutch diamond cutters at the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

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