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E Color Diamonds

Indulge in the colorless beauty of E color diamonds from Blue Nile. When you shop this rare color grade, you'll receive a diamond so icy that color is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Around 16 percent of all diamonds sold at Blue Nile are E-grade diamonds.
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FAQs about E Color Diamonds

Is E a good diamond color grade?

E is the second-best color grade you can get in diamonds. Considered to be colorless, this diamond offers an icy look.

What is the best color for diamonds?

D-grade diamonds are considered to be absolutely colorless and are the rarest of all color grades. E-color diamonds are the second-most colorless, followed by F, G, and the rest of the alphabet, up to Z-color diamonds, which are the yellowest.

What color grade should I buy?

Choosing a color grade really comes down to budget. The majority of Blue Nile customers choose a D or E color grade, but lower color grades are perfectly lovely, especially in smaller stones.

How do E diamond color prices compare with D and F color diamond prices?

In terms of the color grade alone, with all other things being equal, an E color diamond will sit between a D and F color diamond in price. However, a number of factors go into pricing a diamond, including cut, clarity, and carat.

Is color more detectable in certain shapes and sizes?

Yes. Diamonds that are larger than one-carat weight show color more readily than smaller diamonds. If you are going with one of the lower color grades, consider putting the diamond in a yellow gold setting for a warm look that pairs beautifully with faint color. Higher-grade diamonds (such as D and E) should be paired with a white gold or platinum setting to enhance the icy look.
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